God is doing exciting things at Christ Compels Ministry

God is doing exciting things at Christ Compels Ministry!

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Christ Compels is a non-profit organization that seeks to spread the news of Jesus Christ to all people. If you would like to support us in this ministry by making a tax-deductible gift, please send your donation to:

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Host a Conference

Are you looking for a speaker at your next women’s event? Then pray and see if God leads you to invite me to speak to your women. Each conference topic is unique as I seek what message the Lord wants me to share. All the material is scripturally based. You can expect from me:

  • A unique message from God’s Word
  • A custom conference booklet
  • Prompt, professional replies
  • An announcement about your event


Stand. Fight. Win. Lessons Learned from Joshua

My next conference speaking event will cover the amazing story of God’s power in the life of Joshua and the lessons we can take to apply in our own lives.  Contact me if you’d like to schedule a conference or speaking engagement with your group.

Past Conference Event Locations

Lexington, KY: “Covered by Grace”

Akron, OH

Lexington, KY: “Top 10 Things Every Young Woman Should Know”

St. Louis, MO

Daytona, FL

Nashville, TN

Berea, KY

Waddy, KY, Pigeon Fork Baptist Church: “An Ornament for Christ”

What I’m Writing

The Elijah Bible Study: Opening the Portal to the Greatness of God

Past Ministry Highlights

The Lexington Living Proof Live Event team, Shirley, and Beth Moore. Shirley had the privilege to be the city coordinator for the Beth Moore Living Proof Live Event in Lexington.

Mary Kassian, Shirley, and Jaye Martian. Shirley had the privilege to be Jaye’s assistant as she and Mary Kassian spoke at the first W conference.

Shirley speaking at Crosslands Church in Bowling Green at her conference entitled “Secrets Revealed.”

Porter Memorial Wednesday morning Bible study group that did Jesus Lives.  Post your picture of your Bible study group on the Christ Compels Ministry Facebook page!

Christ Compels Team at a booth to share the Jesus Lives Bible study.  Nicole, Shirley, Melinda, Shirley Seivers, and Bobbie.