Jesus Lives Bible Study!

Are you confident in your faith that Jesus is the Son of God? Or do you want to know Him even more? Do you want to discover new things, unveil mysteries, and deepen your understanding of your Savior? How did Jesus of Nazareth change the lives of the people He encountered and impact mankind, generation after generation, unlike no other person in history? 

To answer these questions, the Jesus Lives Bible study spans the life of Christ from the beginning (John 1:2) to His birth, through His life on earth as Rabbi, Miracle Worker, Storyteller, Jewish Messiah, and Passover Lamb, and that He is our Covenant Partner and Coming King, and much more.  This study is for you to have a fresh revelation of Jesus, to get your identity through Christ, to develop intimacy with God, and to worship Him passionately! Join the adventure of Jesus Lives

This 10-week in-depth, interactive study includes daily assignments and 11 weekly video sessions, portions of which were taped in Israel and Egypt, the two countries where Jesus lived.

Join us now in this 10-week interactive study. Each week of the study contains 5 days of homework and one teaching session. The Jesus Lives Bible Study books are available through amazon.  Click here to purchase your Jesus Lives Bible study book:


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