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  12/30/2011 9:14 AM
By Shirley Mitchell
“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
Psalm 90:12
At the beginning of every year, I take time to ponder over the year ahead and to evaluate my life.  After spending time in prayer, I write down my list of goals for the year. When I was younger, it was a list of resolutions. However, resolutions were promises that I couldn’t keep. Once I broke it, guilt and inadequacy would contend for places in my heart. After years of missing the mark, I stopped making that list.
However, God has taught me that if I aim at nothing that is exactly what I will achieve. Nothing. He has taught me to evaluate my life and to let Him reveal to me what He wants for it. Then He has shown me to put the first things first. This simply means put the things that truly matter first in my life and prioritize my time around them. When we put first things first, it quickly reveals the lower priorities in life. It stops us from trying to do many things. We can’t do many things to the glory of God. We were never meant to go at the breakneck speed of our culture.
Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” This is my paraphrase of what I heard Jan Silvious say one time, “We number anything that is valuable. Teach us to number our days, Lord.”  You and I can’t assume we have forever. These days are fleeting. We must learn how to deal with life God’s way so that when we present ourselves to God, we prove that we have a heart of wisdom. When we number our days, we realize that we can’t do it all. There are some things that we have to give up. Just as our children can’t be into every activity – drama, chorus, baseball, basketball, soccer, swim – neither can we. From our culture filled with a multitude of choices and opportunities, we have to pick the most important things. 
My list contains many different categories for my key relationships with God, my husband, my children, ministry (you), service, health, friends, other family, church, and finances. It contains things I’d like to achieve as well as things that I would like to experience. It contains my legacy that I would like to give my children. It also contains reminders for the love that I want to demonstrate. This list helps me to choose wisely with my time and energy. It helps me to live on purpose and to have as much of God as I can have on this side of heaven.
So beloved, are you willing to join me in this way to live on purpose? What would be on your list? What are the most important things for you to do, to be, or to experience in the new year? What matters to you the most? Take some time to pray and then if you feel comfortable, share with me. Or you can share on the blog on the website if you think others can benefit from the wisdom God has given to you. It is my prayer that you will take the time to evaluate your life and let God reveal His guidance to you. Number your days, for they are precious. Each day is a treasure and a gift from God.
Pray with me: Oh, Lord, teach us to number our days so we gain a heart of wisdom. We realize that our days are valuable. Thank You for the gift of another day! We do not know when our days will end. Nor do we know how long our health will fail us where can’t live out all of our dreams. We want to be wise men and women who have a heart for You and insight into Your throne room view. Teach us to aim for a life that pleases You and brings You glory. Show us how to live a life of purpose.  It’s in the Name above all names that we pray, in Jesus’ Name, Yeshua’s Name. Amen.
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