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Daily Devotions 12/31/2008 4:53 AM
There is something about the holidays that touches the very depths of our soul. The time between Christmas and New Year’s and the day’s leading up to them stir within us feelings of some kind. For some it is feelings of joy, hope, love and looking ahead. For others it is feelings of despair, loss, loneliness and a time of looking back.

The Desires Battle
Daily Devotions 12/30/2008 11:08 AM
For the past few days, God has been speaking to me about the effect of desires. I am not quarreling with anyone, but God called me to check my desires and to examine any desires battle in my mind. In today’s Scriptures, James is saying that fights and quarrels are the result of the desires that battle inside of us. Inside of our minds, desires are fighting for their position. Desires live inside of us. God created us with a soul and gave us desires. We can desire many good things. However, we can twist a “good” thing into a harmful desire.

Our Story
Daily Devotions 12/29/2008 4:44 AM
Have you ever noticed that you have to read the whole story to understand what is actually happening in the story? The characters tend to build on each other throughout the length of the book. If you were to skip to the end of the story, you would know what happened, but you would not understand a lot about why the ending happened the way that it did, especially if it was a surprise ending.

The Christmas Light
Daily Devotions 12/26/2008 7:46 AM
As we head through the Christmas season, one of the things that we love to do as a family is to drive around neighborhoods and look at all of the Christmas lights. There is something very special about the houses that have the greenery, red bows, and a single candle burning in each of their windows. It has such a classy look and feel. Then there are some houses with animated reindeer and icicles.

The Best Gift
Daily Devotions 12/25/2008 5:30 PM
Christmas, my absolute favorite time of year, is approaching and with it all of the joys that the season will bring…A time of baking sweet treats…A time of fellowship with friends and families…Parties galore…And of course, the presents that we all long to unwrap! If we could just enjoy the presents without having to do all of the shopping beforehand, now that would be my idea of a perfect holiday!

It's All Just Stuff
Daily Devotions 12/24/2008 4:47 AM
Every year, my husband and I battle against society to ensure that our children know the real meaning of Christmas. We have specific traditions to remind us all that Jesus is the reason for the season. We limit the number of toys that they receive for Christmas as they have so many already they do not play with. And I am one of those crazy people that goes out on the Friday after Thanksgiving to do shopping to save us money on the gifts that we do purchase so we can adopt other families that are in need.

A Treasure to Ponder
Daily Devotions 12/23/2008 2:38 PM
God’s Word does not record the many details between Joseph’s dream and this holy day in Bethlehem. I am looking forward to the heavenly version of the DVD to answer some questions. Did her parents support Mary, or were they ashamed? Was her labor quick and easy? What was Joseph’s reaction when they arrived in Bethlehem to find there was no room for them in the inn? Did he berate himself for not taking better care of his family?

Birth of a King
Daily Devotions 12/22/2008 7:25 AM
Joseph and Mary barely knew each other months ago. Now they were quickly learning about each other. The 90-mile journey through the hills and over the mountains aided that process - nothing like a road trip to get to know someone. I imagine Joseph was patient and gentle with Mary as she was full with child. Since they were both trusted by God with an unprecedented, huge responsibility, they had to trust each other.

Joseph: A Righteous Father
Daily Devotions 12/19/2008 5:05 AM
Joseph and Mary were engaged to be married. According to their Jewish customs, the marriage contract was written and signed by her father. Joseph had been to her home. He had offered her the betrothal cup. She drank from it. Later, he learned that she was pregnant. Joseph knew instantly that the baby was not his, but he didn’t know immediately the identity of the father. At this time, he only knew the logical and righteous thing to do. He wouldn’t expose her publicly, but he would handle it privately.

The Word Made Flesh
Daily Devotions 12/18/2008 5:14 AM
I was listening to Christmas music on the radio one morning while I was getting ready for work and a song came on I had never heard. The name of the song is, “A Baby Changes Everything” by Faith Hill. As it began to play I made the assumption the song was about a young boy and girl who had gotten pregnant and how their lives had changed. The thought crossed my mind, “What a typical country song.” However, as the song went on I realized the song was about Mary and Joseph and how the baby boy she would give birth to would change the world.

Daily Devotions

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