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Memorial Stones
Daily Devotions 7/31/2008 2:41 AM
Several months ago I was blessed to be in a worship service that was nothing but people sharing their testimonies and proclaiming what the Lord had done in their lives. As I sat there listening I thought of our children. None of them were in there to hear all the Lord had done in the lives of their friends and family! I heard the words, “memorial stones,” in my spirit and I felt a wave of grief for our children.

Enemy On The Prowl
Daily Devotions 7/30/2008 2:31 AM
Okay, so she is not exactly a prowling lion, but our yellow Labrador Retriever named Blondie (ferocious sounding I know) has perfected the art of attack. One would think with her 70 pound frame that she would not be the most stealthy of attackers, but when she is determined to get her prey, she can be extremely quiet. The other day, I sat in the yard and watched her stalk a bird.

Daily Devotions 7/30/2008 2:29 AM
I was eating one of my favorite foods the other day for lunch. My husband and I love salmon, and we try to have it once a week because it is so healthy for us. So we had salmon for dinner, and I was eating the leftovers for lunch. I was in a hurry because I had so much work to do that I was not very careful searching through the fish for the bones. I noticed this particular piece of salmon had a lot of bones in it, but I didn’t notice the two bones that got away. I got one bone out of my mouth, and one bone was caught at the edge of my throat.

Broken Chains
Daily Devotions 7/28/2008 4:55 PM
So many of Paul’s letters were written from an interesting location, a dark prison cell. Honestly, after reading the Scriptures, one has to wonder if he spent more time in prison than out of it after he had converted to Christianity. But, oh, his reason for being in prison was glorious. Paul was thrown into prison for preaching the very Word of God, much like I am doing today by writing this devotion.

Conqueror Over Death
Daily Devotions 7/25/2008 7:40 AM
Luke 8:42 tells us she is his only daughter. Jairus was a religious man, a ruler of the local synagogue, and a keeper of the sacred books. His position made him one of the most prominent men in the congregation. He was a man of prestige and power...a man known to the people of the town. Imagine Jairus’ decision to leave his home, to leave the bedside where his beloved daughter was taking what seemed to be her last breaths.

The Sound of Heaven
Daily Devotions 7/24/2008 10:41 AM
It was three years ago this week that I had to walk through one of the darkest most painful times in my life. As I write this, today marks the three year anniversary of my husband’s death. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I look at our youngest son and can’t help it, he looks just like him and acts just like him as well.

A Blinding Light
Daily Devotions 7/23/2008 2:23 AM
Saul was a legalist to a fault. He was so convinced that following the rules and regulations within the Old Testament Law was the way to God and righteousness. He had studied the teachings of the rabbi Hillel, which was a very progressive branch of Judaism. Most importantly, he was responsible for persecuting the church in his time because it did not fit with the teachings he had learned all of his life.

Daily Devotions 7/22/2008 2:30 AM
My Bible says the Greek word for “you” in Luke 22:31 is plural. In my Kentucky language, “Satan has asked to sift you all as wheat.” All of the disciples were sifted. In v.32, Jesus spoke directly to Peter about His specific prayer for him in this warfare. Many scholars believe satan attacked Peter with greater force than the others. As the leader of the disciples, he took the brunt of satan’s fury against the disciples.

The Fiery Furnace
Daily Devotions 7/21/2008 2:27 AM
Babylon - The antithesis to Jerusalem in every sense of the word…Corruption and idol worship was at an all time high, and Nebuchadnezzar was at the height of the corruption. Many years earlier, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were taken from their homes and brought as captives, with Daniel, to the country of Babylon. Babylon represented everything these gentlemen did not believe in, and they were probably wondering if God was even still with them.

The Wellspring of Life
Daily Devotions 7/18/2008 2:36 AM
In Matthew 12:33-35, Jesus tells us that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Our speech is reflective of our hearts. In Matthew 15:16-20, Jesus tells us that our actions come from our hearts. If we want to be women who speak and give blessings to our loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, and friends, then we must go to the source of the flow. We must go to the heart.

Daily Devotions

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